Greek Salad with feta cheese & olives £4.95 Dolmades vine leaves stuffed with mincemeat, rice & tomatoes £5.25
Olives with pitta bread £3.95 Saganaki feta cheese grilled with tomato, olive oil & herbs £4.95
Pitta Bread with garlic butter £2.95 Gigantes giant beans oven cooked in a dill sauce £4.50
Mushrooms a la Greque cooked with garlic in butter £4.95 Garlic Bread £3.25
Grilled Halloumi Cheese   £5.50 Soup of the Day £4.25
Deep Fried Keftedes Greek style meatballs £5.25 Prawn Cocktail £4.95
Mousaka – homemade the traditional way
£5.50 Grilled Loukanika smoked Greek sausage £5.25
Taramosalata smoked cod roe dip £4.50 Melon with Lountza thinly sliced smoked dried pork tenderloin £4.75
Tzatsiki Greek yoghurt with chopped cucumber and a touch of garlic & mint £4.50 King Prawns Cooked With Garlic Butter £8.50
Houmous chick pea dip £4.50 Fried Scampi £5.50
Grilled Sardines   £5.50 Deep Fried Blanchebait £4.95
Calamari Fritti £5.50 Mini Meze for Two – Taramosalata,Houmous, Tzatsiki, Keftedes, Halloumi & Lountza £10.95
All the above served with warm pitta bread